Introducing our new logo and brand!

Hi BWR family,

Today we are excited to launch a new logo, as we refresh our look and media presence in general.

We are also launching profiles on two new social media platforms! Check us out on Instagram and TikTok.

These are essential steps on our journey towards becoming a sustainable and resilient organisation.

We loved our old logo, and we know many of you did too. We’d like to explain why we decided to refresh it.

To be effective a logo needs to be distinctive and exclusive to us. While our previous logo’s possum was beautiful and recognisable, the image wasn’t only ours, but was in the public domain. This meant that anyone else could also use that possum image. Also, since the image wasn’t designed for us, we didn’t have a high-resolution version, making printing difficult.

This new logo design is exclusively ours – it was designed by our Chairman Greg, and is based on a photo of one of our rescue possums – Jelly! Jelly was the first Brushtail Possum to be part of our slow release program. We love that the new logo features one of our rescues, we exist to help our precious wildlife after all.

BWR has been around for many years, and while we intend to stay true to our core values of caring for wildlife and each other, we are also keen to modernise and ensure BWR will be sustainable for many future generations.

We hope this fun new logo will make us more appealing to corporate sponsors and more approachable to the young people who are our future.

A logo also needs to be versatile for use in different mediums (such as on social media, our website, printed banners and embroidered uniforms to name a few), and the simplified design of our new logo is much better suited to these various uses. 

Lastly, we wanted our BWR brand colour to more closely reflect our purpose. We picked a green which reminds us of eucalyptus leaves, a favourite food for many of our native wildlife!

Over the next few months you’ll see this refreshed branding flow through BWR, including to our website, printed advertising and a sponsorship prospectus. It’s still us, we’re still the same BWR family!