About Us

Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers are dedicated members of BWR who work together in a Team to provide assistance to the day-to-day operations of the rescue centre.

Completed Projects
  1. A fully functional Reptile enclosure where turtles and reptiles can recover.
  2. Flight Aviary for large birds and birds of prey.
  3. 20ft freight container for lucerne/pellet storage.
  4. Large 22,500 water tank for extra water storage.
  5. 20ft freight container for lucerne/pellet storage.
  6. New upright freezer for storing more supplies.
Next Projects
  1. Water sprayers to be erected on all outdoor tops of the animal aviaries.
  2. New instant grass to be installed on the top back yard and pop up sprinklers installed.
Recent Grants:

W.I.R.E.S grant for $5,000

Auspost grant for $500

CO-OP grant for $2,000

Barossa Council for $3,000

Training Our Volunteers

As this is a quiet time of the year for BWR we have managed to get some of our Volunteers on courses which will help with our wildlife/fellow helpers and look good on their resumes!

  1. Four qualified on the First Aid course.
  2. Five qualified COVID Marshall’s on board.
  3. One with TAFE- Basic Bushfire Awareness.
  4. Six have completed ‘Introduction to Wildlife Rescue’ provided by W.I.R.E.S.
  5. Eight Volunteers attended a ‘Wildlife Euthanasia Workshop’ run by an accredited Officer with beer and pizza afterwards (on my tab of course!).
  6. BWR has also held a basic first aid workshop into caring for our wildlife and had a very informative morning with a social lunch afterwards. Twenty-six carer’s and volunteers came along.