Projects & Grants

Current Projects:

Possum Palace Project (Late 2023)

Barossa Wildlife Rescue received a $19,400 grant from Bank Australia to replace and refurbish the existing possum and bird aviaries at BWR headquarters. The grant allowed the installation of eight new high-end aviaries with built-in sprinkler cooling systems, giving our permanent possum and bird residents a massive quality of life upgrade.

Kangaroo Sanctuary (Ongoing)

In South Australia it is prohibited by law to release hand-raised rescue kangaroos, making it difficult to find forever homes for the numerous joeys BWR receives every year. To provide our kangaroos the space and freedom they deserve, BWR is working to develop its own kangaroo sanctuary. We have been awarded a $20,000 WIRES grant towards this project.

Completed Projects:

20ft Freight Container for food storage.

Flight aviary for large bird species and birds of prey.

Outdoor reptile enclosure for lizard and turtle recovery.

Recent Grants:

WIRES Grant – $20,000 towards the development of the Barossa Wildlife Rescue kangaroo sanctuary (2023)

Bank Australia Community Customer Grant – $19,408 towards the possum palace project (2023)

Barossa Council – $5,000 (2024)

Barossa Co-op Sponsorship (Yearly) – $3,500 in store credit for animal food, health and safety, maintenance, stationery, uniforms, etc.

WIRES Food Support Program – $3,300 funding towards Newcraft products, i.e., milk replacements for kangaroo and possum joeys, insectivore supplement for birds and echidnas, etc. (2023)

Villawood Community Grants – $1,500 (2023)

Foundation Barossa – $1,000 to be used for the development of a re-wildling our youth educational program (2023)

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