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Barossa Wildlife Rescue

We believe everything with a heart beat deserves a chance at life. We will give anything a go.

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About BWR

Barossa Wildlife Rescue (BWR) is a wildlife rescue group from the Barossa Valley founded and led by Rose Brooks, a registered wildlife career in Lyndoch, South Australia.

As a little tacker Rose was forever bringing home injured or orphaned animals to look after. 17 years ago she was given her first joey to raise, named Bunty. A farmer had found this little joey in the pouch of the mother kangaroo that was deceased on the side of the road and Rose was able to hand raise Bunty.  Since then Rose has been caring for other injured or orphaned wildlife such as possums, echidnas, kangaroos, koalas, birds …  if it has a heartbeat, it is worth a go!

The BWR averages 485 rescues or callouts each year – most of them we have been able to nurse back to health and either release back in the wild or find a home for them at other homes or wildlife sanctuaries.


Latest News

Morning All,Wet and windy say’s it all! Please check in on your neighbors and elderly people around as we all need to support each other!Wet birds have been rescued from our roads and two reports of young possums found curled up on front porches( One from Parkholme Adelaide area!) Referred to Koala Rescue as we need the closest rescue organization to attend. Time is vital for each survival.A call was made to one of our Members about a call for a Mum Kangaroo, down outside the Sandy Creek golf course with 3Kg Joey at foot. Mum was deemed to have a broken hip and was not able to have a good recovery. Little girl joey now in care but very frightened.An update from Min. (little Stomper our orphaned little baby goat is doing very well and much loved by all his new family.( Sadly missed by all here at BWR) Cheers from Rose and the Team ... See MoreSee Less
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How You Can Help


Rose Brooks – 0402 646 574

If you can’t reach Rose, please ring 0421 774 377. This will call one of our carers Kelsey.