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Barossa Wildlife Rescue

We believe everything with a heart beat deserves a chance at life. We will give anything a go.

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About Us

About BWR

Barossa Wildlife Rescue (BWR) is a wildlife rescue group from the Barossa Valley founded and led by Rose Brooks, a registered wildlife career in Lyndoch, South Australia.

As a little tacker Rose was forever bringing home injured or orphaned animals to look after. 17 years ago she was given her first joey to raise, named Bunty. A farmer had found this little joey in the pouch of the mother kangaroo that was deceased on the side of the road and Rose was able to hand raise Bunty.  Since then Rose has been caring for other injured or orphaned wildlife such as possums, echidnas, kangaroos, koalas, birds …  if it has a heartbeat, it is worth a go!

The BWR averages 485 rescues or callouts each year – most of them we have been able to nurse back to health and either release back in the wild or find a home for them at other homes or wildlife sanctuaries.

Our Mission

To have a sustainable wildlife organization within the Barossa valley area with a dedicated team of volunteers who work towards the rescue/rehabilitation and release (where possible) of wildlife.

Educate the community and also promote further opportunities on education choices for our younger generations.


Latest News

Yesterday we got a call out concerning a possum on top of a chandelier. So off we went to catch the silly bugger. I watched on as Kelsey and Chelsea tried to catch this little beggar with their nets. He knew exactly what he was doing as he ran around and around the top of the chandelier making him almost impossible to catch. Once the girls managed to get him on the net. He jumped right off and the girls chased him around the room until he jumped back onto the chandelier. The second attempt went a lot like the first attempt. I decided to jump onto a chair and swing a towel at him. The girls didn’t think it was the best idea. They managed to get him back onto Chelsea’s net and off she ran out the door just in time for the possum to launch itself off again. So up the tree he ran. Hopefully he stays outside. ... See MoreSee Less
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How You Can Help


Rose Brooks – 0402 646 574

If you can’t reach Rose, please ring 0421 774 377. This will call one of our carers Kelsey.