About Us

Barossa Wildlife Rescue (BWR) is a community-run charity provides wildlife that rescue, rehabilitation & release services in the Barossa Valley region.

Through education, outreach and advocacy, BWR educates the community to embrace conservation and recognise the value of our local wildlife.

We are made up of a tight knit community of dedicated volunteers from all walks of life, ranging in ages from 12 to 80+. BWR celebrates diversity and works to empower its members to learn and grow.

Our History

Barossa Wildlife Rescue started 24 years ago, when founder Rose Brooks, rescued her first kangaroo joey, Bunty, a 6 month old orphaned Euro. For almost 20 years BWR was predominantly Rose caring for wildlife out of her own home, with the support of a few likeminded wildlife lovers and local youth. As word spread and Rose became synonymous with wildlife in the Barossa community, the demand for BWR’s services increased significantly.

Rose recognised the importance of our work, and the need for BWR to be built into something that could stand the test of time.

With the support of Simon Taylor and the Southern Barossa Alliance (SBA), the decision was made for BWR to become a member-led incorporated association. BWR was auspiced under the SBA for 2 years while it established the required governance and applied to become an incorporated organisation. As of July 1 2022, BWR has been operating as incorporated registered charity and independent organisation.

From humble beginnings BWR has grown beyond Rose’s wildest dreams.

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